Hello, World! Two of the most iconic words in programming world in my opinion. Those are the first two things most of us see at the very beginning of our journey to become developers. We start by learning how can we make that simple string print either on a website or console window.

After that way too long introduction that probably bored to death most of you I think it’s time to introduce myself and explain why am I blogging in the first place.

So my name is Luke and I am currently employed in one of biggest Polish IT companies as Software Quality Assurance Engineer, but that blog will be about something else. It will serve as a place for my story of becoming Junior Rails Developer. And maybe someday you can find here some more advanced stuff and maybe some general IT posts.

To do that I thought it would be cool to have some help from more experienced guys. And as most of you probably know since you got here thanks to @arkency retweet I am brand new padawan taking part in theirs Junior Rails Developer Course.

I started that post with ‘Hello, World!’ and to make nice closure I will end it with one. Ladies and Gentlemen my first Rails app Hello, World!. Github: hello_world .

Cheers Luke