When I started my blog I was full of doubts. Will my posts be interesting? What if I make grammar or spelling mistakes? Or worse what if I write something that is untrue and wrong? How can I figure out what to write about? That is a lot of what-ifs, how’s and why’s that make you want to stop blogging and I was scared that I will suck at it. I forced myself to write the first post and you know what it was a lot of fun, to be honest.

And to help me with that Arkency gave me a book Blogging for busy programmers by Andrzej Krzywda as part of my course. I will try to give you an honest opinion about it and try to tell for who it might be useful.

So, what is that book about? In short about blogging. How to pick your audience. How to get ideas for posts. How to promote your blog. It also helps you deal with all those questions that I wrote about.

When I was reading it multiple ideas for blog posts were popping in my head. There is a part which says that you can turn some part of Slack conversation into a post about something. And guess what there was one already. And in next weeks and least couple more showed up.

There are some minor issues with this book. I personally don’t like the part in which blogging platforms are described because it’s honestly only part that can get out of date. And doesn’t bring much value in my opinion. But the rest of the book is worth reading.

So who should buy it? Honestly, anybody who would want to start a blog, but isn’t sure if he can do it and can afford it. It helped me for sure. You could say there is a lot of common knowledge about blogging. But sometimes what we need is someone to remind us about it.